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Status of Minutes

Draft proposals for new business




Quorum Status: 


Quorum requirements to be determined and updated here by Staff as new member sign the GPA 






 15 mins
  • Roll call
  • Agenda bashing

Jim P

All and any ISI meetings are now required to read this statement before any business is conducted regardless if the meeting is Quorum or not.

Thank you for joining the call today. 
This Work Group operates under the Non-Assertion Covenant IPR option found as an appendix to IPR Policies V2.0 that Kantara operates.
The Group Participation Agreement memorializes your acknowledgment of the terms under which you participate in this Work Group. Every person who has acknowledged the GPA is listed in the Participant Roster, as a voting or non-voting participant.
However, there are circumstances, such as in-person workshops or calls where non-participant guests may be present who have not acknowledged the GPA for this Work Group.

Every person on this call is strongly encouraged to acknowledge the GPA for this Work Group prior to any form of participation.
If you have not, or do not wish to, please Note Well the following before you participate in any form.

1) in accordance with the Kantara Initiative IPR Policies V2.0, all contributions by voice are valid contributions alongside the much more preferred written contributions and while you still retain your IP, you grant Kantara copyright equivalent to the terms of the Non-Assertion Covenant without further condition or reservation.

2) it is your own IP and not another party's IP

3) such contributions are not confidential or otherwise subject to the limitation in its distribution, including pricing or other competitively sensitive information.

Again, if you are uncertain about any matters, please remain silent and do not contribute anything in writing.

Weekly Reminders: Recording Secretary position open. 





Called to order 


Motion to approve prior minutes

Meeting Not Quorate

MOTION: To approve the last meeting minutes.

Moved by: John Wunderlich

Second: Iain Henderson

Discussion: None

Motion: Carried

Reminder Main Agenda
  • CMS is officially archived
    • The twice a month gotomeeting call times are available
      • In order to secure either or both slots please send a message to Staff and copy ISI chair/co-chair
  • We’ve been asked to restate the current position of the PDUR Project.  For those speculating on the PDUR Project status and structure. This project has not been contributed to Kantara as of yet.  It is funded and drafted by an outside Interested, which Andrew Hughes is managing.  Once a draft report/spec is complete it will be contributed to the workgroup and submitted under the IPR.


Update on B.I.T. report

John Wunderlich

John Wunderlich updated the group on the plan for a B.I.T. Report. :


5/21: none

5/14: status

  • Report draft in June-July
  • Possible conversion of the report to Spec or Standard
  • Possible Kantara assurance for B.I.T. compliance
  • Blinding Tax status: Ken K has submitted the following “I’ve looked briefly at the blinding material and realized that it’s a fine focused piece of work, a (presumably) well-vetted and specific list of identifiers of all ilk and an action – blinding – that might be taken on them. (Paul, is that a fair one-liner?)
    • A specific list for a specific action. If so, what is missing, IMHO is what it is not, e.g. a list of specific GDPR-sensitive attributes that need to be obfuscated (I need that), a list of identifiers that can be grouped into a correlation attack and so need a protective action, a list of PII, etc.
    • A larger framework in which to place a specific piece of guidance. I came into Paul’s work thinking it was the answer to all my questions. A map of identifier characteristics (opacity, persistence, scope, sensitivity, etc.) against actions that can be taken on identifiers (blinding, obfuscation, encrypted on the wire, etc). Paul answers one subset of the problem space.  Kantara might want to preface this blinding work within this larger landscape. If so, I do volunteer to write that up, as a paragraph for the right doc.”

Participants: John Wunderlich Paul Knowles Kenneth Klingenstein with assistance from Jim Pasquale


IntentcastingThe intent casting project now looks like there will be a report to explain the concept on the way to creating the standard.
minNews about new implementationsAll

Jim Pasquale reminds the group that we are looking for implementations of consent receipts or other ISI relevant projects in the real world.

  • This years’ Identiverse 2020 will be hosted as a virtual conference.  Kantara through Andrew Hughes submitted a general topic around Information Sharing and Receipts, as a follow-on to last years exporting and importing receipts mock demo. With little to no new progress on WG participates updates to the existing solutions we are calling for each project to submit content Andrew will review and present to the Identiverse team for approval and inclusion. 

 minDemo status updateAll
  • Vacant 

Upcoming events update


See the Kantara Events page:

New Business ProposedAll


5/21: None

5/14: None

5/07: None

Next meetingAll

*** Next call 2020-06-04 10:30 am Eastern DAYLIGHT Time

  • MOTION: To adjourn
    • Moved: 
    • Second:
    • Discussion: None
  • Motion  Carried