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Kantara is deep into 2019 planning mode with discussions underway with conference organizers and the Leadership Council discussing the composition of the Work Groups and their deliverables including the resulting pro-forma budgets to locate %%KD: should this be “cover”%% any resource gaps.  , for any resulting resource gaps, locating sources of funding.

As reported last time, Kantara started the month in Brussels with the ISSE conference in concert with our key European Liaison EEMA. We hosted the Kantara hour that started with Mark Lizar (Open Consent Group) who presented "Operationalizing privacy, with security & surveillance". He was followed by Oscar Santolalla (Ubisecure) who demonstrated the Kantara Consent Receipt in action. To wrap it up, I presented another rendition of 'The rhythm of Kantara'.  We had a pretty full room and a very engaged audience who, through their questions and discussions, caused us to run over our time allocation. did some great follow ups.