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September saw the return of the conference circuit and what better place to start than Seattle!

We have a bunch of members and supporters up in that northwest corner of the US and so from the get-go we had a good feeling about the first leg of the Consumer Identity World 2017 tour with our partners, analyst and consultancy firm Kuppinger Cole. We had attendance from other large corporates with offices in that area such as Amazon, Facebook and Microsoft which was pleasing to see. Kantara had secured the exclusive rights to the pre-conference workshop, which drew a good sized, highly knowledgeable and participative crowd that topped out at around 60, where together we traversed security, privacy, and conformity assessment across the identity, access and personal data space as viewed through a Consumer Identity lens.

Kantara members talked about their latest product and service releases, many of which have been informed by or derived from Kantara work, and Kantara working group chairs and editors provided insights into the new and ground breaking work underway, such that President Allan and I were largely 'surplus to requirements' in our respective roles as moderator and MC.  The workshop simply took its own path.  This was no more evident than when, with looks of trepidation on the faces of our event hosts and organizers, as we proceeded to select members of our two discussion panels that were interspersed through presentations from Kantara members, dynamically and directly from the floor.  How often do you see an all women panel at an identity show? I don't think I ever have, at least not until our Seattle pre-conference workshop panel! Thank you Barbara, Heather, Katryna and Sarah! The day finished on a perfect note as we headed to Wilde Rover Irish Pub in Kirkland to be treated with music by the identity community's own band - ZZ Auth and the Love Tokens. Seattle, you really turned it on for us.


Our next pre-conference workshop to curtain-raise Kuppinger Cole's Consumer Identity World Tour 2017 is in Paris, 27th Novmember.  Our EU based members are 'circling the wagons' to ensure that it is a great show. More details to follow in the Kantara community e-newsletter coming to your mailbox in a couple of week's time.  

Kind Regards,


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