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We are receiving a lot of interest in Consent Receipt and UMA as tools in the GDPR compliance arsenal right now. And interest in our conformity assessment program for Identity Assurance that is currently deployed just in the public sector but has so much potential in the private sector. There are not many open platforms to develop industry specifications and frameworks and none as accessible as Kantara's.  That capability is at the center essence of Kantara's value to the industries and communities it serves.     

XXXWhat we strive to do and the egalitarian consensus driven culture in which we do it, is not for everyone however.  While some folks have not renewed their membership in 2016, many more have chosen to join us.  December's New Members are OneWorldIdentity, Collective Underwriters,Inc and John Macaulay (of whom you will see much more in the Health Identity Assurance Working Group). A very warm welcome folks. We welcome your interest and your investment in time and money. We need all of it and more besides, if we are to do more of what we do. With more money and more volunteer effort, the more we can do - it's that simple (smile).

Your leadership has been working harder than ever this last quarter of the year to align the organization's positioning in 2017 with the work actually happening.

Finally, I want to take this opportunity to publically thank my hard working dedicated staff - Ruth for all things Identity Assurance and KIPI - and Oliver for all things technical, web and visual, the super team at Virtual Managment Inc and those individuals across the Board of Directors and its sub committees, the Leadership Council and Working/Discussion groups who have worked harder than anyone can imagine to drive the organization forward. You know who you are and I salute each and every one of you!  

2017 will be a great year for Kantara. Of that I am certain. Enjoy the last hours of 2016 and prepare yourself for the great ride that 2017 is sure to be (smile).2017 will be a great year for Kantara. Of that I am certain. Enjoy the last hours of 2016 and prepare yourself for the great ride that 2017 is sure to be (smile).

Around the Houses:.


  • We have some racy new badges, device stickers and Kantara flyers ready to go for 2017.  Members in good standing that are holding an event where Kantara and its assets are being presented, are welcome to take some for distribution.   

Program, Work Group and Discussion Group Updates:

  • The WGs and DGs of Leadership Council now operate a blog, so you can read what's going on in groups you are not regularly attending. See it here
  • ID Pro DG work is progressing well with the Code of Conduct project stream complete. The Membership/Services and Governance project streams still have a ways to go. Most of all, ID Pro needs founder seed funding to begin to fulfill its own Mission and Vision while being incubated at Kantara. If your organization wants to be acclaimed as a founding member of a new Association of Digital Identity Professionals, please email me, .  
  • If you have opted to receive news from Kantara or following us @KantaraNews you'll know that the Consent Receipt is out for 45 day Public Review here .  We expect the final V1.0 to be published sometime in March.
  • As always if you have a query or question, staff are only too willing to assist.  Email them on        

Events: See them here!

  • One of the main themes coming from the Membership Survey in December was to increase our networking and social activities. We listened and acted upon that sentiment.  Accordingly you have been notified of 'Breakfast with Kantara'  at RSA in San Francisco, with another members only 'friends and family' evening event co-hosted in conjunction with our close liaison and friend IDESG. A social event is planned for the TIIME conference in Vienna the following week.   Stay tuned for more in May folks!