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  • UMA F2F 2010-11-01

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Let's meet 11am-1pm, then do a working lunch (order in pizza?), then finish with a long afternoon stretch.

  • Administrative Let's use #umaf2f along with #iiw as hashtags for the day
  • "IPR benediction"
  • Identify note-takers
  • Roll call
  • Agenda-bashing
  • Approve minutes of 2010-10-28 meeting
  • Reminder of next week's telecon and time change (see Next Meetings below)
  • Action item review
  • Updates from the wider UMA worldTBS (follow up on items from Paris F2F and the telecon after)
  • User stories/tasks/flows: review, prioritize, and decide
  • Resource/scope registration: go through issues and decide
  • AOB


  1. TBS