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The company ForgeRock has an Identity Platform that includes an implementation of UMA, with both an "UMA Provider" (authorization server component) and an "UMA Protector" (resource server component), targeted at both consumer and employee consent and data sharing use cases. ForgeRock also has a Java-based The implementation is build on the open-source project called OpenUMAprojects OpenUMA, OpenAM, and OpenIG. The case study Users Managing Delegated Access to Online Government Services was based on a POC performed with ForgeRock.


Gluu has also proposed an "OX UMA claim profile"; for more information, see the Third-Party Profiles page.

Jericho Systems

The In 2015 the company Jericho Systems has  announced a product, EnterSpace 9, with UMA support, and has previously announced another UMA-enabled product, Consentral , based on MITREid Connect (see below), with UMA support; in 2015 it on FHIR, with UMA support; it also performed a Privacy on FHIR demonstration with UMA support.


The open-source MITREid Connect project has UMA support; the Jericho Systems implementation (and its Privacy on FHIR demo) is based on this implementation.

Roland Hedberg


RedHat KeyCloak

RedHat's KeyCloak authorization services offering includes partial UMA1 support, and the project is working on including full UMA2 support as of June 2017.

SMART project (non-healthcare-related)


The company Cloud Identity Limited (since acquired by Synergetics) developed an UMA Authorization Server - NuveAM (Online Demo). NuveAM implements the UMA protocol and supports other open standards including OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, and SAML 2.0The company also developed Java and Python SDKs. More information is on the company's website and the company's YouTube channelThe company integrated UMA with its NuveLogin service to simplify the flow for Resource Server and Client applications.


The Telia telecom company has an identity solution that provides UMA support.

Universidad de Alcalá Telematic Services Engineering Group