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Consent & Information Sharing Work Group (CISWG)

This Work Group operates under the Kantara IPR Policy - Option Patent & Copyright: Reciprocal Royalty Free with Opt-Out to Reasonable And Non discriminatory (RAND)

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(Mail archives prior to Oct 6, 2009)

The goal of this working group is to identify and document use cases and scenarios that illustrate the various sub-sets of user driven information, the benefits therein, and specify policy and technology enablers needed to enable this information to flow.Project VRM and other groups seek individual autonomy over personal information. Framework and tools can enable personal data flow, to improve the relationship between demand and supply. When individuals are forced to sign organization-centric privacy policies / terms of use, limitations are naturally placed on personal information on both sides of the transaction. If these constraints were removed, and individuals had more autonomous capabilities, then new, rich information would flow - including actual demand data (as opposed to derived / predicted demand).

This blog post on the Personal Data Eco-system is useful background and context for this working group.

Download the Consent Receipt Overview



  • Iain Henderson [Oct 2011]
  • Joe Andrieu, SwitchBook [Oct 2011]
  • Consent Legal Map & Schema: Mark Lizar - Open Notice Initiative

  • Consent Legal Map & Schema: Mary Hodder - Customer Commons


  • Dial-in Details
  • Skype: +99051000000481
  • US: +1-805-309-2350
  • UK: +44.20.3137.5285
  • Conference ID: 613-2898


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Coming out of the Convergathon in October, it seems that the data flows for the open notice registry will be an integral part of open notice. This data flow and description is my understanding of the first cut at this.



Privacy Notice Service

It is the case that most countries that have a data protection regime have some form of notice and consent regime. We propose a privacy notice service to provide participating entities with a common protocal and service to publish their privay notices. This enables the following:

  • Regulators to validate that notice and consent guidelines are being met
  • Users to proactively determine which entities to deal with before provide personal information


Adoption of a privacy notice service would also encourage competition and innovation in data protection.

Privacy Notice Service

Contents of service

  • "noticeTS":1420642200 # Time that notice was created
  • "noticeType": "Asserted|Validated|Found" # notice could be asserted by entity, validated by third party, or scraped from web site
  • "noticeURL":""
  • "noticeTxt":"We only collect information about you with your consent, except for web browser information which is retained in our logs for 2 weeks."
  • "consentReceipt":TRUE|FALSE # whether the site provides consent receipts

Open Notice Registry

This would be a service on the Internet. Open Notice Registry (ONR) servers would be repositories of privacy notices and could communicate with each other to provide redundancy. A preferred model of this would also have a governance model to allow for validation of notices.

We Had A Great Event (Feb 8/9 2014) 

A community interested in developing personal data control came together, hacked all weekend long and initiated project hacks, to evolve the control of personal data.  The ability to control our own data is seen as an effective way to save the free internet. This event has really started something, the scale and size of this first event was remarkable.   Mary Hodder, and I (Mark Lizar) got involved exactly 30 days before the event and if it wasn't for the huge out-pouring of support such a great event could never of happened. Thank you so much everyone who got involved! With a special thanks to Judi Clark for rejoining the CISWG and helping make the San Francisco event a massive success.

We had some great visitors, one of which was a cameo of Kantara's very own Eve Maler talking about consent. (video link here)

The Three Winning projects 

  1. London - Consent Receipt Request Form - Presented by Reuben Binns & Valentino Spataro
  2. New York - Ghost DropPresented by Max Giraldo
  3. San Francisco - Privacy Visualisation - Presented by Nick Doty 

The judges are currently being invited to voting on Best of Show next week Feb 17.  Let us know which one you think is best (comment below)!

A full list of projects presented can be found on 





Come join developers, lawyers, policymakers, and academics as we collaborate to build technology solutions to challenging legal and policy issues. $1,000 prize for the best privacy hack at NYC | London | San Francisco locations. See the contest rules for restrictions.

Step 1: Register for a Location

To participate in person, please sign up with Eventbrite to help us plan space and food. To participate remotely, check out the rules.


NEW YORK Eventbrite

LONDON Eventbrite


Step 2: See What's Happening

Live Hackathon Broadcasting & Schedule

Twitter Tag #LegalHack | #PrivacyHack

Step 3: Participate!

Join HackerLeague to get updated information about the event, list your project group, locations and topics, as well as find folks to collaborate with...

Judges & Speakers

Hon. Ann Aiken (District of OR), Susan Herman (ACLU), Johnathan Askin (Brooklyn Law School), David Wainberg (AppNexus), Wilfried De Wever (HiiL), Doc Searls (VRM Harvard Berkman Center), K. Krasnow Waterman (MIT), Amyt Eckstein (Moses & Singer), Jason Tenenbaum (Rashbaum Associates), Dona Fraser (ESRB), Solon Barocas (Doctoral Candidate, NYU), Sol Irvine (Yuson & Irvine), Heather Federman (Online Trust Alliance), David Pashman (Meetup)

Dr. Ian Brown  (Oxford Internet Institute)Dr. Ian Walden  (Queen Mary University)John Cummings  (Innovation Partners)Stefan Magdalinski (Mydex)Wilfried De Wever - Senior Justice Adviser / Justice Investment Program Manager (HiiL)

K. Krasnow Waterman (MIT)
Brian Behlendorf (Mozilla Board)
Michelle Dennedy, author of the new book: The Privacy Engineer's Manifesto (McAfee)
John Buckman (EFF Chairman)

Organized by:


 Platinum Sponsorsplatin

Gold Sponsors
Silver Sponsors
Supporting Organizations

 Data Privacy Legal Hack-A-thon

This is an unprecedented year documenting our loss of Privacy. Never before have we needed to stand up and team up to do something about it.   In honour of Privacy Day, the Legal Hackers are leading the charge to do something about it, inspiring a two-day international Data Privacy Legal Hackathon. This is no ordinary event. Instead of talking about creating privacy tools in theory, the Data Privacy Legal Hackathon is about action! A call to action for tech & legal innovators who want to make a difference!

We are happy to announce a Data Privacy Legal Hackathon and invite the Kantara Community to get involved and participate.  We are involved in not only hosting  a Pre-Hackathon Project to create a Legal Map for consent laws across jurisdictions, but the CISWG will also be posting a project for the Consent Receipt Scenario that is posted in on the ISWG wiki.

The intention is to hack Open Notice with a Common Legal Map to create consent receipts that enable ‘customisers' to control personal information If you would like to get involved in the hackathon, show your support, or help build the consent receipt infrastructure please get involved right away -- you can get intouch with Mark (dot) Lizar (at)gmail (dot) com, Hodder (at) gmail (dot) com, or join the group pages that are in links below.

Across three locations on February 8th & 9th, 2014, get your Eventbrite Tickets Here: 

* New York City * London, UKSan Francisco *

This two-day event aims to mix the tech and legal scenes with people and companies that want to champion personal data privacy.   Connecting entrepreneurs, developers, product makers, legal scholars, lawyers, and investors.

Each location will host a two-day judgedhacking competition with a prize awarding finale, followed by an after-party to celebrate the event. 

The Main Themes to The Hackathon Are:

  • Crossing the Pond Hack
  • Do Not Track Hack
  • Anti-Surveillance & Transparency Hacks
  • Privacy Policy Hack
  • Revenge Porn Hack

There are pre-hackathon projects and activities. Join the Hackerleague to participate in these efforts and list your hack:

Sponsorship Is Available & Needed

Any organization or company seeking to show active support for data privacy and privacy technologies is invited to get involved. 

  • Sponsor:  prizes, food and event costs by becoming a Platinum, Gold or Silver Sponsor
  • Participate:  at the event by leading or joining a hack project
  • Mentor:  projects or topics that arise for teams, and share your expertise.


Contact NYC sponsorship:            Phil Weiss email or @philwdjjd      

Contact Bay Area sponsorship:     Mary Hodder -  Hodder (at) gmail (dot) com  -  Phone: 510 701 1975

Contact London sponsorship:        Mark Lizar - Mark (dot) Lizar (at)gmail (dot) com  - Phone: +44 02081237426 - @smarthart






The Information Sharing Working Group is happy to announce that we have now officially changed our name from the ISWG to the Consent and Information Sharing Work Group (CISWG). 

This enlarges the scope of the ISWG workgroup to include consent with information sharing. We welcome this additional mission to produce a consent schema for information sharing. 

In every privacy legislated jurisdiction, consent is a requirement. In society, consent is what regulates all of us so that we can interact in proactive and collaborative ways.  Right now, the broken and outdated policy and infrastructure we use is broken on all sides of these agreements.  It works less and less to help people understand what will happen with their data, and less and less to regulate the one sided nature of those agreements.  The infrastructure for people to express preferences and protect their own data is missing from the people side of the infrastructure. 

The CISWG Charter has been updated to reflect this scope, and we invite any Work Groups whether at Kantara, or outside, and projects that deal with consent to get in touch. Our first consent project will create a Consent Legal Map and Schema. We would love to hear about projects doing similar work, and we are open to participation and collaboration with other projects working on this task. 

If you do any consent work, or have some consent requirements, we want to hear about those. In fact, the CISWG Wiki is setup for adding scenarios for both Information Sharing and Consent use cases and projects. 

We have calls every second Tuesday for the Consent project and our next call is on Tue Jan 28 at 5pm UK, 12 New York, 9AM PT, if you are interested in dropping in.  If you want  join the group, to lurk as a non-voting member, or be actively involved you are more than welcome.  you can find all the infomration you need on the Information Sharing Wiki.





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