Consent & Information Sharing Work Group

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OVERVIEW: Project VRM and other related parties wish to build a framework around which a new type of personal information can be enabled to flow, and in doing so improve the relationship between demand and supply. Our contention is that when individuals are forced to sign organization-centric privacy policies/ terms of use then this places limitations on the information that will be shared. If such constraints were removed, and capabilities built on the side of the individual, then new, rich information will flow – including actual demand data (as opposed to derived/ predicted demand). The goal of this working group is to identify and document the use cases and scenarios that illustrate the various sub-sets of user driven information, the benefits therein, and specify the policy and technology enablers that should be put in place to enable this information to flow.

CHAIR(S): Jim Pasquale – Co-chairs, John Wunderlich and Andrew Hughes. Work Group Liaison, Mark Lizar

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