Kantara Initiative: Trust through ID Assurance

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UK DIATF Certifications

The Kantara Initiative is pleased to provide a listing of organisations granted certification under the Digital Identity and Attributes Trust Framework (DIATF). For additional information or questions please contact info@kantarainitiative.co.uk

OrganisationCertificate IDRole of Service ProviderApplicable Scheme Applicable Levels of ConfidenceDate of IssueCertificate
Persona IdentitiesDIATF-KIUK-22-02IDSP, ASPRTW, RTR version 22-09-27Medium22-12-13KITCP_06-01_Certificate_Persona.pdf
One Kosmos Inc.DIATF-KIUK-23-01IDSP, ASPRTW, RTR, DBSMedium/M1A23-08-08KITCP 06-01 Certificate 1Kosmos