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See presentations and videos from Kantara Summit and Workshop in Munich, April 2012

Kantara Summit at EIC – April 17, 2012 Mapping The Identity Ecosystem: A multi-national perspective – Christine Runnegar, Senior Policy Advisor, ISOC – slides Trust Frameworks: Tools to build the Identity Ecosystem – It takes a village! – Joni Brennan, Executive Director, Kantara Initiative – slides eGov SAML 2: Verifying Interoperability in eGovernment […]

Kantara Initiative announces the formation of the Federation Interoperability Work Group (FIWG)

The Kantara Initiative is pleased to announce the formation of the Kantara Initiative Federation Interoperability Work Group (FIWG). The purpose of this Work Group is to profile existing specifications to define an interoperable trust infrastructure for use by parties participating in Trust Frameworks. This will allow entities to determine the […]

Michigan Healthcare Information Exchange Adopts Kantara Initiative Identity Assurance Framework

Regional program leverages four levels of identity assurance and certified identity services from Kantara Initiative to advance trusted, secure and privacy-respecting applications for healthcare providers and patients Washington DC, September 24, 2009 – Kantara Initiative, a global identity community working to solve harmonization challenges among enterprise, Web 2.0 and Cloud […]

Matthew Gardiner with CA Blogs: Kantara Initiative Takes an Important Step to Formalizing the Establishment of Trust on the Internet – Greasing the Skids of Inter-Organizational Commerce

The Kantara Initiative yesterday announced the formation of the Identity Assurance Review Board (ARB).  This is a tangible example of the Kantara Initiative delivering on the non-technology related, identity meta-issues that I alluded to in my last Kantara Initiative blog.   I think in a few years we will look […]