SAFE Identity – Kantara Initiative Collaboration Agreement

SAFE Identity -Kantara Initiative Collaboration Agreement

On September 29, 2020 SAFE Identity and Kantara Initiative signed a Collaboration Agreement to expand their Trust Frameworks for PKI and Non-PKI approvals.

As part of the Agreement, non-PKI Credential Service Providers will, from this point onwards, be assessed by Kantara’s Accredited Assessors, approved by Kantara.

Non-PKI Credential Services assessed and Approved under Kantara’s Identity Assurance Framework as Full Services have the option to additionally display a SAFE Trust Mark and be listed on the SAFE Identity website. Equivalent PKI credential issuers tested and approved by SAFE will have the option to display a Kantara Trust Mark and be listed on the Kantara website.

This agreement is valid only for Assessments and Approvals granted after September 29th, 2020 and performed by either Kantara Initiative or SAFE Identity.  Neither SAFE Identity nor Kantara Initiative will recognize prior SAFE-BioPharma non-PKI certifications.

Through this collaboration, SAFE Identity and Kantara together offer relying parties more choice, flexibility and simplicity in choosing identity providers on whom they can depend.

Under its Identity Assurance Framework Kantara offers Service Providers third party conformity Assessment and Assurance against its NIST 800-63-3 and other Classes of Approval.

SAFE Identity evaluates identity providers based on many of the same standards as Kantara which include requirements from the U.S. government Federal PKI, EU regulations and additional requirements determined by SAFE Identity’s industry-led Policy Management Authority. Together, these organizations are creating trust, and helping to simplify the path towards more secure, authentic and interoperable digital credentials.

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