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Just now reviewing the discussion at 
It repeatedly surprised me with it's broad and persuasive analytical 
position of the issues.

Two thoughts:

1.  We could work on a taxonomy of legal issues and provisions.  The 
taxonomy could include ideas such as signature, authorization, 
revocation, ownership, disputes, etc.  We already have a lot to work 
with from the discussion, and can also work backwards from precedent 
documents.  A small way to start would be an outline for ToU or system 
rules.  We could focus on US health records, while keeping an eye on 
expanding it to non-US, non-health, non-English, etc. Statutory and 
other "primary" materials could be linked to.  We could also link to 
lists of model and precedent documents. (Something similar was done by 
some UMKC students in connection with municipal data sharing agreements, 
sponteneously or at Dazza's suggestion.)

2.  It might be simplifying and empowering to generalize the notion of 
"events" - to treat all events that might need to be legally proved as 
being effectuated by records in a common format.  For swimlanes, each 
step (lap in the pool?) should generate a text record that renders into 
a document and is shared among the directly concerned parties.  The 
record would render a document/webpage such as ToU or the NYPH patient 
consent, or as little as a mere selection or "yes" in the context of a 
form.  The format of the records would be such that they can be added to 
a log.  Each party would have (or have the right to) a log of the 

Somewhere early in the interaction (in a ToU or the like, perhaps 
system-wide or jurisdiction-wide) there could be a stipulation of formal 
requirements.  E.g., for an event to be legally cognizable it must: 1) 
be in the form of a record "signed" by the party to be charged,  2) each 
party must "have" a copy ("have" can mean immediately possession or have 
permanent access to), 3) legal provisions that are knowingly derived 
from publicly-available provisions must link to the original and be able 
to show the diff. (In the old days, each party received an original of 
signed agreements!)

The escrow demo and some of the work Adrian and I did show the notion of 
laps in swim lanes - 
This can be extended to even small interactions such as radio buttons or 
yes/no dialog boxes.

I have not worked much on logs.  In blockchain implementations, the 
records and logs are (from the perspective of CommonAccord) an 
application-side implementation issue.  The log is necessarily shared on 
the blockchain and the challenge is to avoid over-circulation of the 
information (e.g., using sidechains).  In non-blockchain, a log could be 
kept by having each record added to a log as a single JSON-formatted 
line of text, with some metadata such as a GUID, time and author.  The 
JSON aspect ties in with a discussion on a GitHub issue that I did with 
Dazza on design of a more modular and generalizable implementation of 
CommonAccord rendering.

Expecting to be better connected starting on September 2.

On 8/28/15 6:35 PM, Dazza Greenwood wrote:
> The legal subgroup is reviewing use cases now here:
> https://github.com/KantaraInitiative/wg-uma/wiki/UMA-Legal:-Use-Cases,-Roles-and-Obligations 
> Also, we are walking through some healthcare wrinkles that Adrian 
> contributed, here: 
> https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wygXX8FvHif07KA0P4IocBL-tsUGoXEFDpEwxNLrRh8/edit
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