[WG-UMA] Sources of whitespace in JSON confusion

sampo at synergetics.be sampo at synergetics.be
Sat Oct 18 16:37:13 CDT 2014

Looking at

Examples show line wrapped JSON, yet apparently this is not universally
accepted. Special warning is in order (stronger than the one saying
that there was line wrapping). Also, the usual ASCII formats (e.g. PEM)
for X509 certificates typically have newlines and since the examples
show newlines used in exactly the same way, confusion is likely.

draft-ietf-jose-json-web-key-33 says in sec 4 (p.4) first paragraph
very explicitly say that line breaks are allowed.

It should also be clarified whether the x5c can contain newlines or whitespace
as long as they are properly JSON escaped?


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