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Hi Marcelo-- I've created issue #108 for this:


...and added some more thoughts in comments there.


On 7 Oct 2014, at 2:27 PM, DaCruzPinto , Marcelo <Marcelo_DaCruzPinto at McAfee.com> wrote:

> Hi UMAnitarians!
> I've been thinking about this for a while, and wanted to get your thoughts: Allowing the AS implementation to define specific OAuth scopes required for getting PATs and AATs (that is, making the scopes URLs defined in sections 1.3.1 and 1.3.2 more of a RECOMMENDED than a MUST). The reason this might be interesting is for an AS to use an external OAuth implementation provided by a third party, where PAT/AAT scopes might not be available.
> For example, an AS could use a third party's OAuth implementation "as-is" (e.g., Google or Twitter), and assuming the third party would not honor PAT/AAT scopes, the AS implementer would have to map these to existing scopes (e.g., reusing a scope that's already assigned to protecting a different resource at the OAuth server). The Client would retrieve the scopes that need to be used when talking to the OAuth endpoint using the UMA well-known configuration endpoint (as defined in 1.4)
> The only cons I can think of with allowing this is that a user may not be aware of what the RS or C are requesting to do with the OAuth provider (since the scopes may not have any reference to UMA or what action the requester is trying to perform)
> Do you think any of this makes sense? I run into this while thinking about a nodejs UMA implementation/prototype and how to focus just on UMA without having to also develop an OAuth server, hence I thought about using an existing (already deployed, but not "UMA-aware") OAuth server and run into this conundrum. 
> Does anybody think this makes sense?
> Marcelo.
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