[WG-UMA] APAC-friendly meeting times vs. successful meetings

gil.kirkpatrick at viewds.com gil.kirkpatrick at viewds.com
Mon Oct 6 18:28:26 CDT 2014

I'd certainly rather keep them, but if the APAC schedule cuts out people 
who are more critical to the process than me (I assume I'm the only APAC 
participant?), dropping the APAC schedule makes sense.


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>I fear that our experiment with APAC-friendly meeting times isn't going 
>so well, precisely when we need all hands on deck to get through our 
>V0.9-to-V1.0 issues. If we had a well-oiled machine around global 
>round-robin meeting times, or a really large APAC contingent, it might 
>be different. But I'm currently thinking that we should go back to a 
>consistent schedule of meetings at the same hour every week, at least 
>through the end of the year.
>If you feel strongly that we should KEEP the APAC-friendly times, 
>please weigh in by email.
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