[WG-UMA] Notes from UMA telecon 2014-10-01

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Wed Oct 1 19:38:59 CDT 2014

(Attendance was very attenuated at this meeting. I'm getting a bit wary of the "APAC-friendly scheme" as a result, since we have so much to do in the coming weeks. Thoughts?)

Roll call
Quorum was not reached.
Minutes approval if quorum
Interop planning status: check-in meeting and endpoints up by next Monday
Review Q4-Q1 calendar
Adjust APAC-friendly time in fall to bring it in by one hour?
V0.9 interop testing in Oct
IIW Oct 28-30 with open implementors' meeting Oct 29
V1.0 editing – when exactly?
Interop testing in rest of Q4 (V0.9->V1.0 switchover?)
V1.0 public review ~Jan 6-Feb 20; handle reported issues and declarations in real time
LC vote for KI Draft Recommendation status on Feb 25 if possible
KI All-Member Ballot Mar 2-16 if possible
V1.0 KI Recommendation status (and fresh IETF contributions?) late Mar if possible
Eager permission registration issue (88 and 99) – close?
Not closed yet.
92: trust elevation profile
This can come up for financial data, and also for legal accountability over access to health data in break-the-glass situations. E.g., Alice might want to have a policy that says Bob has to have LOA3 when accessing her data, so she can find him and sue him if something goes wrong. Mike's profile enables revocation of the AAT, not just the relevant permission in the RPT, if the AAT were issued on the strength of a too-weak requesting party authentication. We looked at the written profile and thought that it might need to be abstracted away a bit from OpenID Connect, but otherwise seems like it's probably a good addition. We need to discuss this with a larger group.
Non-voting participants:
Next Meetings
We will hold all-hands meetings (calling the roll) through the fall and early winter as much as possible; voting participants please attend! You can subscribe to the UMA calendar (and ask the chair to send you an event invitation) to see the times in your local time zone. Keep in mind that when the clocks change, we experience "summertime skew"; our home time zone is Pacific so non-US meeting times may shift.
Thu Oct 9 9-10am PT
Thu Oct 16 9-10am PT
Thu Oct 23 9-10am PT
(Clocks change in Europe on Oct 26)
No meeting Thu Oct 30 because of IIW – we are holding an open UMA implementors' meeting on Oct 29 at IIW instead
(Clocks change in US and Canada Nov 2)
APAC-friendly Wed Nov 5 4-5pm PT/ Thu Nov 6 9-10am JPN / Thu Nov 6 10-11am AUS? or one hour earlier?
Thu Nov 13 9-10am PT
Thu Nov 20 9-10am PT
No meeting Thu Nov 27 because of Thanksgiving holiday in the US
APAC-friendly Wed Dec 3 4-5pm PT/ Thu Dec 4 9-10am JPN / Thu Dec 4 10-11am AUS? or one hour earlier?
Thu Dec 11 9-10am PT
Thu Dec 18 9-10am PT
No meeting Thu Dec 25 because of Christmas holiday
No meeting Thu Jan 1 because of New Year's Day holiday

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