[WG-UMA] Carlos Trigoso: introduction

Susan Morrow susan.morrow at avocosecure.com
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Hi Carlos,

We met at the DWP technology WG a while back.

I have been involved with UMA for a while, but have had to bow out due to
ill health in recent months.

I agree entirely that UMA can be an important component of other protocol
bases systems such as SAML. In fact I am writing a paper at present as a
deliverable for a UK Gov, Technology Strategy Board project, that proffers
UMA as a user led policy engine component of a system that ties SAML based
identities (or in fact any claims based ID system, including OpenID Connect)
with personal data stores.

The current project is nearing its end so we don't have time to actually do
an implementation, unfortunately, but this paper will suggest this is done
as a possible future extension.



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From:  <carlos.trigoso at accenture.com>
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Subject:  [WG-UMA] Carlos Trigoso: introduction

I just joined the UMA initiative work group. As you will see from my
affiliation (I work for Accenture), I come from the technology consulting
industry. I discovered UMA through the work from Eve Maler.
A fundamental reason for approaching this Kantara work group is direct
experience with evolving requirements in the industry, where we see the need
to complement/extend the standard federation patterns with user-centric
My reading of the UMA papers and specifications tells me that this is the
way to go. I hope to adopt the UMA patterns, test them in my own projects
and perhaps contribute to this initiative with some interesting
The goal is to investigate the viability of implementing the UMA protocol
outside of the OAuth authorisation transfer model, and also independently of
the OAuth technology itself. I know that this may sound strange but my sense
is that  UMA can and should stand alongside and complete/complement ³old²
standards like SAML and XACML.
I hope that this makes some sense to the UMA team.
Thank you and congratulations for your excellent initiative.
Carlos Trigoso
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