[WG-UMA] Notes from UMA telecon 2012-10-04

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Thu Oct 4 12:52:13 EDT 2012

Webinar planning
Eve will be sure to set up the WebEx information and get the publicity kick-started today. Maciej will blog the availability of his case study document ahead of time.

Eve, Maciej, and Thomas will meet at 8am PT next Monday.

Proposed outline:

General problem statement and UMA introduction - 10 minutes max - Eve
Get attendees hooked on the unique UMA solutions to important problems
Teach them basic UMA terminology
Higher education problem statement and proposed improvements - 10 minutes max - Maciej
Try to attract higher education community attendees especially to hear this
Thomas to provide input on EdX types of themes
Demo of the SMART implementation of the proposed improvements and description of solution flow and deployment plans - 20 minutes max - Maciej and Lukasz
Demo or information on additional use cases, implementations, and deployment plans - 10 minutes max - Alam and whoever else wants to present: Mike?
Call for action and Q&A - till end
What should potential deployers do next?
What should implementers do next?
What should end users do next?
Domenico has been working on the online personal loan case study, and it has three different constellations buried within it: person-to-self, mediated person-to-org, and autonomous person-to-org. The org pretty clearly needs to be strongly authenticated, and this is ideally done through a cert issued by a CA.

On tweeting and blogging duty: All of us!

Hashtag: #UMAedu

Liaison activity with AXN
Sal met with Dave Coxe. They seem to have a component that's a straightforward equivalent to an AM that protects claims, along with extensive other designs having to do with the actual attribute sourcing network. Our assessment is that their goals and ours merge in a really strong and mutually beneficial way. John Bradley and Pam Dingle are the two key people doing the technical work on the AXN side.

Eve is meeting with Pam next Monday and will suggest setting up a long joint working session.

Next Meetings
Focus meeting on Thursday, 11 October 2012, at 9am PT (time chart) – interop
Focus meeting on Thursday, 18 October 2012, at 9am PT (time chart) – technical
All-hands meeting on Thursday, 25 October 2012, at 9am PT (time chart) - IIW XV week

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