[WG-UMA] New issues up on GitHub; workstream priorities

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Sat May 19 13:16:58 EDT 2012

I just added issues #55 through #58:


Here's my suggestion for how to prioritize the current open issues: let's try and solve (and document in the spec, as necessary) all of the following by the end of May:

#20: Solve for various "requester-to-host first" (known resource location) vs. "request-to-AM first" (unknown resource location) flows
Rationale: This is the key to unlock the "UMAnized Street Identity" use case.

#50: Considering modularizing the AS/RS interop portion for wider non-UMA adoption
Rationale: Since AS/RS separation is desperately needed for various straight-OAuth use cases and didn't make the OAuth rechartering cut, we should try to figure out ASAP if it's even possible for us to achieve this.

#56: Standardized scope descriptions for well-known APIs?
Rationale: This is a key enabler of the growing number of implementers eager to experiment with UMA.

Simultaneously, we need to push forward on the following:

* Interop (mainly feature tests for the OSIS wiki, and getting implementers registered)
* Binding Obligations on UMA Participants (nee UMA Trust Model) spec -- there's heavy interest in this for trust frameworks and ongoing projects

Sound good? Provide your feedback here on the list. Thanks!


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