[WG-UMA] Weigh in: which solution for RPT issuance and permissions?

Thomas Hardjono identity at hardjono.net
Thu May 17 13:00:06 EDT 2012

Hi Eve and all UMAnitarians,

In today's WG telecon call, after some lengthy discussions the group
decided to use two (2) End-Points (ala the SMART AM today).  Action
for Thomas is to update the spec.

ps.  I will reflect this decision also in the minutes of today's call.




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> We have an incumbent solution in the spec ("optimized"), an older
> solution that SMART AM still adheres to ("SMART AM today"), and a
> proposal for a hybrid ("splitting the baby"). Please share you
> preferences on the list...
> 	. "SMART AM today": Two endpoints: RPT endpoint to which the
> immediately sends a requester that came without an RPT, without
> eagerly registered a permission, plus a permission endpoint to which
> the host sends a requester that did come with an RPT along with
> them a permission ticket.
> 	. "Optimized": Single endpoint: Permission endpoint to which
> host sends all requesters that came either with or without RPTs,
> having eagerly registered a permission in all cases.
> 	. "Splitting the baby": Host has the option of eagerly
> registering a permission before responding to a requester that came
> without an RPT, which is the requester's signal to approach the
> permission endpoint, which will give it an RPT. This enables the
> to take the "SMART AM today" approach if it wants to, or to take the
> "splitting the baby" approach simply by registering a permission for
> requesters without RPTs.
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