[WG-UMA] Weigh in: which solution for RPT issuance and permissions?

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Thu May 10 13:46:57 EDT 2012

We have an incumbent solution in the spec ("optimized"), an older solution that SMART AM still adheres to ("SMART AM today"), and a proposal for a hybrid ("splitting the baby"). Please share you preferences on the list...

	• "SMART AM today": Two endpoints: RPT endpoint to which the host immediately sends a requester that came without an RPT, without having eagerly registered a permission, plus a permission endpoint to which the host sends a requester that did come with an RPT along with giving them a permission ticket.

	• "Optimized": Single endpoint: Permission endpoint to which the host sends all requesters that came either with or without RPTs, first having eagerly registered a permission in all cases.

	• "Splitting the baby": Host has the option of eagerly registering a permission before responding to a requester that came without an RPT, which is the requester's signal to approach the permission endpoint, which will give it an RPT. This enables the host to take the "SMART AM today" approach if it wants to, or to take the "splitting the baby" approach simply by registering a permission for requesters without RPTs.


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