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> Subject: Tomorrow - The Narwhal Bacons...
> Date: 24 June 2012 11:30:13 PM PDT
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> Join us for yet another evening of rad talks, beer and nerd-approved
> music.
> Be there and be square!
> Nerd Nite Seattle
> Monday, June 25th
> 7:30 Talks (Door Open at 6:30)
> $5 Cover
> LUCID Seattle <http://lucidseattle.com/>
> We are excited to bring you the latest installment of Nerd Nite
> Seattle, your local chapter of the international organization devoted
> to bringing you all things drunk and nerdy. Nerd Nite is a monthly
> lecture event that strives for an inebriated, salacious, yet deeply
> academic vibe. There are Nerd Nites around the world, Seattle is just
> one of them. Be there and be square!
> Talk #1 The Identity Singularity: Oh, the UMAnity!
> Eve Maler
> Feeling like you have too many logins and too many passwords? The
> “social sign-in” model, where you log in to one site by reusing a
> login you already have at another, points a way out of the mess. But
> then there’s the part where you end up sharing large volumes of data
> about yourself… Eve Maler will explore how websites can use this
> model’s powers for good instead of evil, and discuss the new web
> standards, such as OAuth and User-Managed Access, that start bringing
> identity power to the people. Eve is an industry analyst at Forrester
> Research, a technical strategist, and an innovator around digital
> identity, security, and privacy, with particular interests in creating
> successful wide-scale ecosystems and fostering individual empowerment.
> Some of her nicknames and roles are XMLgrrl, Carbgrrl, the SAML Lady,
> chief UMAnitarian, barbershop chorusgrrl, and Mud Junket’s den
> mother.
> Talk #2 Radical Breakthroughs in Narwhal Science 101
> Kristin Laidre
> Arctic ecologist and narwhal nerd Dr. Kristin Laidre of the University
> of Washington has devoted her career to studying one of the most
> frustrating-and-frigid-marine-mammal-species-in-the-world: the
> Narwhal. She will report on several important developments and
> interesting findings in narwhal science. These include: (a) Do
> narwhals exist? (b) Do their tusks have magic powers? (c) Can
> Seattleites’ minds fathom the depths, darkness, iciness,and coldness
> in which narwhals thrive and dive? And finally, (d) Should you be
> served a narwhal, are they tastier with curry powder or soy sauce?
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