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Thanks Thomas. These are good use cases. The PTA one is interesting as 
it seems like there are multiple resource owners which is a wrinkle I 
haven't spent time thinking about:)


On 6/21/12 10:37 AM, Thomas Hardjono wrote:
> Folks,
> Here is a use-case that I received from folks at the MIT Media Lab.
> They are interested in using UMA for their Personal Data Store
> project.
> PS.  I have removed all identifying info about this real life
> use-case.
> /thomas/
> ------------------------------------
> Use-Case: Sharing of Personal Data Stores
> A school (or school coalition) wishes to make available an resource
> sharing infrastructure to parents that would allow them to share their
> personal/family resources as well as create "digital communities"
> consisting of a groups of parents.
> In the first scenario, a parent wishes to make data about their
> children available to approved persons (e.g. nannies, sitters) under a
> number of constraints (eg. time of day).  For example, a parent
> (Pamela) who is unable to pick-up her child (Charlie) wishes to share
> the after-school GPS location of Charlie to his part-time nanny
> (Nancy). Pamela would like this resource (GPS location data) to be
> available to Nancy only from the hours of 3PM to 5PM during a
> week-day.  This would allow Nancy to track down Charlie in the
> play-ground and pick him up from his school between those hours.
> In the second scenario, Pamela wishes to organize an activity for
> group of parents (e.g. members of local PTA) and their children who
> live on the same street as Pamela.  Pamela wishes the group of parents
> to share a common data store area, where they can share/exchange
> photos, phone number, GPS locations, calendars, and so on.  Only
> members of this group should be able to access the resources in the
> common data store area.  Furthermore, the school (who is funding/
> hosting/ operating the resource-sharing infrastructure) wishes to
> provide these services only to approved groups/member of the PTA.
> Therefore, Pamela and the members of her group would need to be
> identified and authenticated before being able to setup such a common
> data store area.
> Within this group of PTA parents there is also the desire to share
> data (e.g. GPS location) about their children, so that the group can
> share rides for their children for sports activities (i.e. baseball)
> and other events.  Similarly, a parent may wish to know data about
> other children with whom their kids hang-out.  As such, the sharing of
> live location data become invaluable to this group of parents.
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