[WG-UMA] Use-case of UMA

Thomas Hardjono identity at hardjono.net
Thu Jun 21 10:37:07 EDT 2012


Here is a use-case that I received from folks at the MIT Media Lab.
They are interested in using UMA for their Personal Data Store

PS.  I have removed all identifying info about this real life



Use-Case: Sharing of Personal Data Stores

A school (or school coalition) wishes to make available an resource
sharing infrastructure to parents that would allow them to share their
personal/family resources as well as create "digital communities"
consisting of a groups of parents.

In the first scenario, a parent wishes to make data about their
children available to approved persons (e.g. nannies, sitters) under a
number of constraints (eg. time of day).  For example, a parent
(Pamela) who is unable to pick-up her child (Charlie) wishes to share
the after-school GPS location of Charlie to his part-time nanny
(Nancy). Pamela would like this resource (GPS location data) to be
available to Nancy only from the hours of 3PM to 5PM during a
week-day.  This would allow Nancy to track down Charlie in the
play-ground and pick him up from his school between those hours.

In the second scenario, Pamela wishes to organize an activity for
group of parents (e.g. members of local PTA) and their children who
live on the same street as Pamela.  Pamela wishes the group of parents
to share a common data store area, where they can share/exchange
photos, phone number, GPS locations, calendars, and so on.  Only
members of this group should be able to access the resources in the
common data store area.  Furthermore, the school (who is funding/
hosting/ operating the resource-sharing infrastructure) wishes to
provide these services only to approved groups/member of the PTA.
Therefore, Pamela and the members of her group would need to be
identified and authenticated before being able to setup such a common
data store area.

Within this group of PTA parents there is also the desire to share
data (e.g. GPS location) about their children, so that the group can
share rides for their children for sports activities (i.e. baseball)
and other events.  Similarly, a parent may wish to know data about
other children with whom their kids hang-out.  As such, the sharing of
live location data become invaluable to this group of parents.


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