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Thanks Domenico.

This is the model we are pursuing.  In the implementation of the model we
make every effort for the individual NOT to look after their own data but
for the data to be collected by institutions and for the institutions to
give the individual access to the data.

This is why UMA is so important.  It is the right of access to the
individual that is important - not where the data is held and not giving
others the right to look at our data.  For the individual to know where
their data is held it is only necessary for the individual to know when
data is first stored about them in a new place and to be able to see what
has happened since that first time. It is not necessary to know each time
data about the person is stored - only the first time.

Hence whenever data about a person is moved and stored in a new place then
the person is told when it happens - and the best way to ensure that is to
get their permission the first time data is stored and to grant access
while-ever data is continued to be held at that place.


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> maybe you are interested in this:
> Participatory Personal Data:
> An Emerging Research Challenge for the Information Sciences
> http://terpconnect.umd.edu/~kshilton/ShiltonJASISTpreprint.pdf
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