[WG-UMA] UMA presentation at OASIS DC conference?

Neil McEvoy neil.mcevoy at l5consulting.net
Sun Jul 22 17:07:42 EDT 2012

Hey folks

We're partnering with OASIS to run the second 'International Cloud
Symposium' in Washington DC:


I'm organizing the first 'Digital Government' session and I'd love to
feature the role of UMA. Would any one like to help with the presentation?

As a possible topic, I thought it timely to highlight how a possible role
for UMA is defined in the recent Whitehouse Cloud best practices report

Federal agencies have a duty to recognize and consider the privacy rights
of individuals as well as identify and address potential privacy risks and
responsibilities that result from any data they place in a cloud computing

"Consider how the Federal agency and/or the CSP will provide individuals
with the right to access and/or amend their records within a CSP
environment, under the time frames legally specified in the Privacy Act;"


Neil McEvoy
Founder and President
Level 5 Consulting Group

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