[WG-UMA] Notes from UMA/AXN working session

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Thanks George,


I've updated the example, and also updated the bearer token reference
(now pointing to RFC6750).






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My Action Item:

So it looks like UMA matches RFC 6750 for the permissions ticket flows
(Access [E]) *except* for the scheme name used in the WWW-Authenticate
response header. My read of RFC 6750 requires the scheme value to be
'Bearer'. However, RFC 6750 explicitly allows additional auth-param
attributes to be returned (section 3, 2nd paragraph). So we should be
able to switch our scheme from 'UMA' to 'Bearer' and be compliant. 

Additional tweaks that would make UMA match even more closely, are
returning the permission ticket identifier in the 'scope' auth-param
of the WWW-Authenticate header (RC 6750 section 3) and adding an
'error' auth-param leveraging the error values defined in RFC 6750
section 3.1.

So for UMA section 3.1.2 the error response would look like...

HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden
WWW-Authenticate: UMA realm="example",
  am_uri= <http://am.example.com> "http://am.example.com",

In which case we don't need the JSON response body. (We could, of
course, also use ticket="016f84e8-f9b9-11e0-bd6f-0021cc6004de")

For UMA section 3.1.1 we don't need to add the 'error' parameter as
RFC 6750 recommends to not respond with an error if no token is
presented with the request. We can continue to add the additional
auth-params needs to identify the host and AM.

This would make this section of the spec a compliant profile of RFC

Please feel free to double check my read of the spec:)


P.S. I only focused on section 3.1 of the UMA spec. It may be useful
to look at all calls that use 'Authorization: Bearer' and ensure they
match RFC 6750 as well.

On 12/7/12 4:04 PM, Eve Maler wrote:

AI: George: Establish whether/how we can claim OAuth 2.0 conformance
for the Access (E) leg. 
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