[WG-UMA] UMA in Italian, and other news

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Bravo ;-)

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Thanks to Domenico for his UMA introduction blog post in Italian! I suspect
we'll see more from http://identitycube.blogspot.it/ in future. This is now
linked from the UMA home page and FAQ.

As a reminder, we have a number of short links for key UMA pages that you
should feel free to use when giving people pointers:

http://tinyurl.com/umawg - main page
http://tinyurl.com/umav1 - spec roundup page http://tinyurl.com/umafaq - FAQ
http://tinyurl.com/umachat - chat page

If you think certain other pages deserve short links too, let me know.

Finally, can those who are at the Kantara meetings and summit please
remember to tweet UMA news and also put it on our Facebook page? Just use
the #UMAWG hashtag, and occasionally cc the @UMAWG account if you think it's
something especially retweetable.



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