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From: Dazza Greenwood [mailto:dazza at civics.com] 
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Subject: Webinar Access Information for Today's OpenID Connect: The
Identity Singularity


As a reminder, the webinar on OpenID Connect will start at 12:30pm
Eastern Time today.  The access and background information is copied
below, for your convenience.  If you have any questions, don't
hesitate to contact me (my signature line is at the bottom of this
message).  Looking forward to speaking with you all soon!  Thanks,
 - Dazza Greenwood

In-Person Attendance:

   The MIT Media Lab, E-15-383 Suite, 20 Ames St, Cambridge, MA 02142.

Online Attendance: 

   Live Slides at https://join.me/civics.com

   Conference Call at 712.432.0900 access code 299132#

   Questions by Conference Call or Twitter Hashtag #OIDC or Direct
Message @TrustFramework


  12:30pm  Dazza Greenwood and John Clippinger: Welcome and Overview
  12:40pm Justin Richer Invited Talk on OpenID Connect
   1:15pm  Open Question Period Via Conference Call and Twitter
   1:30pm  Adjourn


Justin Richer, Lead Technologist at the MITRE Corporation
<http://www.mitre.org/> , will provide a detailed walk through of
OpenID Connect, an emerging standard for online identity management,
followed by a question and answer session. Justin is an active member
of the OpenID Foundation's OpenID Connect Working Group and the IETF's
OAuth2 Working Group.

This invited talk at MIT's Media Lab is hosted by Professor Sandy
Pentland <http://web.media.mit.edu/%7Esandy/>  and the Human Dynamics
Group, and MC'd by Dazza Greenwood <http://www.civics.com/> , with
in-person participation limited to MIT affiliates.  If you are not an
MIT affiliate, please register here to participate by live webcast,
and the access information for video and/or phone will be sent to you
shortly before the event. Dazza will include questions and feedback
from the online audience as well as the in person participants. 

In addition to a technical walk through, the talk will also cover:

* History and Practice of OpenID Connect - how we got where we are
* How OpenID Connect is different from traditional OpenID, SAML and
* Federated Identity at Internet Scale;
* Implementation Context: The MITRE Partnership Network business case;
* Use of Business, Legal & Technical Trust Framework System Rules for
OpenID Connect

For more background on OpenID Connect, please see Nat Sakimura's
Nutshell explanation
<http://nat.sakimura.org/2012/01/20/openid-connect-nutshell/> .

    | Dazza (Daniel) J. Greenwood, JD
    | Lecturer, MIT, www.media.mit.edu 
    | 1-650-504-5474 dazza at civics.com 
    | CIVICS.com Consultancy Services
    | One Broadway St, 14th Floor
    | Cambridge, MA 02142      

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