[WG-UMA] Calling all UMA implementors: please provide info for the wik

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Wed Nov 30 12:28:23 EST 2011


We really need more information for the Webinar on December 14th.  This is the link to the current Agenda for the presentation:


These are the same bullet points with a few questions to some of you.  Please reply with any details if your name is mentioned on any of the italicized items.


  a.. What is UMA and why do we need it? - (Eve - Will you be providing any information for this slide?) 
  b.. UMA Use Cases (up to 5): 
    a.. ICAM? (I am not sure who brought this up last time, but Sal comes to mind - if it is, is there any information you can provide and would you like to speak about this use case?) 
    b.. hData? (I have worked with some of the hData use cases attempting to do my best at understanding, I also know Domenico looked at this.  Can we present something?  Would someone from hData be interested in talking about use cases? 
    c.. Are there other use cases we can add?
  c.. Why would an organization want to operate Authorization Manager? (Anyone want to take this on? create some slide(s)) 
  d.. Why would an organization want to operate an UMA-enabled host app? (Anyone want to take this on? create some slide(s)) 
  e.. Implementations Presentations: 
    a.. Cloud Identity/Newcastle University (Macej/Lukas, any updates on the name to use for the presentation and do you have a slide for it?) 
    b.. Synergetics/TAS 3 (Sampo, I know Eve mentioned you will be able to present on the Webinar, please confirm and provide slide(s)) 
    c.. Fraunhofer AISEC (Mario, I know this project was also a possibility to present, please confirm and provide a slide)

Any other information that can be provided for the Webinar, please let me know.   I will talk to you all tomorrow during our call.


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