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Agree and we, SAFE-BioPharma, are completely focused on healthcare identity management, federation and strong auth as our primary focus.

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Thank you Salvatore.

Yes I'd like to focus on a use case too, and actually this cuts across a number of WG's and provides a common focus for how Cloud might apply to them.

Recently EHealth Ontario joined our 'Canadian Cloud Best Practices Council' (http://canadacloud.biz/cloud-best-practices-council/), with a view to collaborating on developing new innovations.

They have their own Federated Identity program called 'ONE ID' - http://www.ehealthontario.on.ca/programs/one_id.asp, which is more theory than it is reality at the moment, and so I'd like to propose Kantara is the ideal way to implement it. They're focused just on the authentication function at the moment, but I think ONE ID is the ideal metaphor for a broader citizen-centric identity architecture, and so how we might additionally incorporate UMA principles would be very productive.

I'd also like to explore how this would correlate with a single identifier, like XDI i-names et al.

Kind regards,


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Speaking for myself it would be good to move ahead a use case.  Is there a particular vertical, I was thinking that given the needs around health care that we could actually serve eGov and Health IT folks as well.

As you will see we UMAnitarians are a cooperative lot, so curious about others ideas.

We (UMA) also have a need to progress our trust model so maybe this can help focus on use case as well.

Thanks for the interest.


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Greetings UMAnitarians

I'm new to the list, and by way of introduction I'd like to highlight I'm in process of setting up a new Kantara WG, called Kantara Cloud Identity and Security Best Practices - This will define the intersection between Cloud Computing and Kantara Federated Identity standards.

As part of this process I'm seeking to identify complimentary relationships with other WGs.

Concerns over data privacy and controls is the #1 concern over Cloud hosting, so it would seem protocols like UMA are fundamental to success of the Cloud, and given the evolution of IT applications, vice versa.

I'd love to hear any ideas for collaboration in this area..

Kind regards,

Neil McEvoy
Founder and President
Level 5 Consulting
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