[WG-UMA] Humongous core spec revision up on wiki: rev 8

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Mon May 23 14:56:36 EDT 2011

Thomas and I both did a bunch more spec-wrangling, and you can see the results here:


This changes the order of the flow significantly, putting the "client-specific" stuff first. It also has the most complete specification to date (though still in early stages) of the scoped-access flows. Finally, it incorporates the resource registration spec text as we discussed last time.

A few more minor notes:

- A new AM endpoint was added, for the requester to ask for authorization.
- The spec text is inconsistent between "action description" and "scope" language right now. Please review and weigh in.
- Maciej is scheduled to propose HTTP message examples and such throughout, hopefully before Thursday.

This spec may not be "ready for prime time" yet, but it's definitely ready for careful and thorough review by all of you! So please read, review, and comment heavily.

Last, please note that the spec material on mrtopf.clprojects.net is probably significantly out of date by now. What shall we do about that? Is the version on the wiki sufficiently readable not to need that other location?... (I'll take an action to redo our Working Drafts page and image map to point to the correct spec docs.)



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