[WG-UMA] Agenda for UMA telecon 2011-03-24 (tomorrow! watch out for summertime skew)

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Wed Mar 23 11:45:35 EDT 2011

I made sure the "time chart" link is accurate this time, but hopefully you are all referring to the online UMA calendar as well...

Date and Time
WG telecon on Thursday, 24 Mar 2011, at 9-10:30am PT (time chart)
Skype line "C": +9900827042954214
US: +1-201-793-9022 (other int'l numbers) | Room Code: 295-4214
Roll call
Approve minutes of 2011-03-03 and 2011-03-10 meetings
Action item review
News from the wider UMA world
SMART project progress
EEMA conference, upcoming events in Berlin and Munich, IIW
Dynamic client registration in the IETF OAuth group and upcoming meeting in Prague
Reach conclusions on scoped access solution
Notes from ad hoc call

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