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The UMA spec goes into some detail about the ways the terms align. There are subtleties. Take a look at these links:

	Section 1 Introduction, particularly 1.2 Terminology
	Section 3 Getting Authorization and Accessing a Resource intro, particularly the last list, which has an OAuth comparison
Can't you achieve UMA goals just by using OAuth?
Is UMA up to date with OAuth development?

Perhaps we should add a FAQ about "Why doesn't UMA use OAuth terminology?" There is indeed some history here, and we have at various times examined the pros and cons of aligning, but always decide to stick with our own terms because of the subtleties involved.

Do feel free to ask further questions if you need to! I can try to dig up the specific meeting minutes where we've discussed this in the past.


On 8 Jul 2011, at 8:42 AM, John Bradley wrote:

> Some of it is due to the terms OAuth/Erin uses having changed between IETF drafts.
> Aligning terms has also been a challenge for Connect.  
> On 2011-07-08, at 11:29 AM, Rainer Hörbe wrote:
>> When I compared terminology between OAuth2 and UMA, I found that there is some gap. Is there any good reason for this, or could it be aligned?
>> IETF	UMA Entity	UMA Agent
>> Resource Owner	Authorizing user	 
>> Resource Server	 	Host//Protected Resource
>> Client	Requesting Party	Requestor
>> Authorization Server	 	Authorization Manager
>> Another question: Is there a test that explains the benefit of using UMA on top of OAuth2?
>> - Rainer
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