[WG-UMA] You "like" UMA -- you really really "like" UMA :)

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Wed Jul 6 10:24:30 EDT 2011

We've started a Facebook page for "User-Managed Access" that we'll use as another way to connect with people who may want to use/implement/deploy it. It would be great if all the UMAnitarians could head over there and "like" the page, which will help us be more effective. E.g., we'll be able to get a nicer URL than this once we have 25 likers:


(I did make this tinyurl in the meantime: http://tinyurl.com/umawgfb )

Susan is our FB maven; if you have ideas for how we can use this page effectively, or have experience being a FB admin and want to become one for this page, let her know.


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