[WG-UMA] Kantara Telco Identity WG projects

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Tue Jan 4 22:46:21 EST 2011

FYI, recently at a Kantara Leadership Council meeting, representatives from the Telco group gave an overview of some exciting new work they're undertaking.  They asked chairs of other groups to publicize this work to see if others may be interested in getting involved.

The Telco group's wiki home page is here:


From here, you can find their charter, other group info, and an introduction to their new project to develop a massively scalable architecture (think 50 to 500 million users).  A summary of the group's progress to date can be found in these slides:


If you have any questions or want to participate, please get in touch with Telco WG chair Jonas Hogberg (cc'd).


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