[WG-UMA] Knocking down issues in tomorrow's call

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Wed Aug 24 16:46:14 EDT 2011

As a reminder, the official issues list is here:


Right now, I think it's only missing Jacek's editorial comments:


…and some old highly conceptual issues, many of which have probably been obsoleted by now (but not all):


Let's see if we can officially close the following issues tomorrow, with a plan to incorporate the corresponding changes to the spec for the following meeting. Everyone please at least read through the issue discussions and come prepared with preferences.

Requester token missing in: 3.4. Host-AM: Register a Permission

Need to unify the request for authorization with the providing of claims, so that this can be a single request-response pattern that can loop as required

(#3 was closed: https://github.com/xmlgrrl/UMA-Specifications/issues/3)

If the content-type is not recognized by the AM, what happens then?
(this one is just waiting on Lukasz to finish his action item)

What happens when a resource (being registered) already exists?
(this is just about ready to be closed; we need to be sure that the editor instructions are clear)

Can Update Resource Set Description API mistakenly overwrite/destroy an existing resource description?
(I believe this essentially duplicates #5, so hopefully we can officially close both)

Is it OK to cache token status (as now explained)?
(Paul has made concrete suggestions that we might want to adopt)



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