[WG-UMA] Agenda for UMA telecon 2011-08-25

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Tue Aug 23 23:10:41 EDT 2011

2010-11-18-4	Eve	Open	Capture new user stories in the wiki.	 
2011-04-14-1	Maciej, Alam, Eve	Open	Build list of FAQs (both questions and candidate answers) on the wiki.	Eve has written a few new answers. Sal may take on a few too. The SMART team still has to write a special SMARTAM Q&A.

2011-07-07-2	Thomas	Open	Capture all current issues, resolutions, and statuses in GitHub.	This is nearly complete.

2011-08-18-4	Susan, Eve	Open	Draft a Waterford Institute contest entry.	 
2011-08-18-5	Lukasz	Open	Propose a simple error message for GitHub issue #4.	 

(I'll send out some issues in email ahead of time, for us to focus on in our Thursday call…)

Date and Time
WG telecon on Thursday, 25 Aug 2011, at 9-10am PT (time chart)
Skype line "C": +9900827042954214
US: +1-201-793-9022 (other int'l numbers) | Room Code: 295-4214
Roll call
Approve minutes of 2011-08-11 and 2011-08-18 meetings
Action item review
Plans for Sep and Oct identity gatherings, including UMA F2F in Redwood City, CA on Thursday afternoon, Oct 20
Waterford Institute entry status
Core protocol issues in GitHub

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