[WG-UMA] Updated: 2010 legal subteam Agenda Bashing

Mark Lizar mark at smartspecies.com
Thu Jul 29 11:13:19 EDT 2010

Hello All,

My apologies, for being unable to make this weeks and last weeks  
meeting.  I have been over run with guests from Canada and am still  
digging myself out from the pile of work.

Even so, I would like to refresh the list with the latest agenda  
bashing that has been going on and to see if there are any more items  
that can be added  below or discussed on the list.

- Mark

>>> Agenda-bashing:

>> Issues raised for next Agenda
>> - Enforcement
>> - Automation levels and the need for user/ host/AM/requester action
>> - Terms of Service Negotiation
>> - Unique User Imposed Conditions (advanced UMA)
>> - Liability
>> - Policy Recommendations for the use of UMA.  (where the law may be  
>> lacking and UMA can 'bridge a gap;)
   - UMA legal policy and its impact on usability.  (this refers to  
how a user controlled flow of control may impact on the legal  
relationships in information sharing and access)
-  Privacy Icons - Better transparency and choices is a hot topic  
these days - Privacy Nutrition Labels  (Is there a need for a standard  
in Notice?)

- ISWG Standard Agreements

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