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here some thoughts about extending client registration for special case...

A special case of Client Registration is when the Host (in UMA terminology) is an Identity Provider/Claim Issuer (as discussed in the Trusted Claim approach).

For trust management reason, the Authorization Server, in order to verify the client's Identity Assurance Level, may checks IdP (whitelist) from a Trust Framework provider (also discussed in the doc Trusted Claim approach - Identity assurance feature sub-paragraph - sent out by Eve).

To comply this specific scenario, the (push) client registration request may also includes the following parameters:

- IdP domain name (e.g. idp.booble.com)
- Level of Assurance (e.g. LOA_Reference=2)
- Trust Framework provider reference (e.g. https://secure.globaltrust.org/IdP/whitelist)

(attached a diagram/flow about Client-Authorization Server and TFP interactions).

1. Authorization Manager is able to verify if the IdP domain is certified from a TFP with which LOA, before to release client_id and secret.
2. Authorization Manager obtains "certified meta-data" from the TFP about the IdP.

The following links provide an interesting references about trust management aspects:
- http://www.idmanagement.gov/documents/ICAM_OpenID20Profile.pdf   (par. 2.7 Programmed Trust pag. 15)
- http://www.xmlgrrl.com/blog/publications/#oitf

hope it's useful for the discussion.


On Jul 12, 2010, at 11:29 AM, Christian Scholz wrote:

> Hi!
> I updated the draft to include Maciej's spec, Thomas' intro and did some
> wording stuff of my own. I also included a TODO section where might want
> to choose a task :-)
> You can find it at:
> http://mrtopf.clprojects.net/uma/
> The source code can be found at
> http://github.com/mrtopf/UMA-Specifications
> Feedback and text changes etc. are welcome! (I don't think it needs
> to be 100% perfect to be submitted but I would like to have those
> questions answered, e.g. about signing and more about the authorization
> requirement).
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