[WG-UMA] Spec Questions

Christian Scholz cs at comlounge.net
Wed Jul 14 08:57:18 EDT 2010


I've put some todo list in the specification and I think it would be
good to have some discussions about these topics on the list. The most
important one is IMHO if we need both, the push and pull models or if
maybe pull is sufficient.

So here are my pros for pull only:

- easier to implement if only one method is there
- URL ownership can be verified easily (except DNS issues/attacks of course)
- we do not need to come up with a decision on when to use push and when
to use pull or how client and server might negotiate this.
- there is not less information transmitted than in push

Negative is of course that in pull the client needs to implement one
endpoint more (although static) and that this information is publically
available. But this probably is not sensitive information.

If we go with both models I would propose to merge them into one process
though as they are in the end quite similar anyway.

As a reminder, you can find them here:


-- Christian

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