[WG-UMA] Great graphical collateral from Domenico

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Tue Jan 12 14:12:28 EST 2010

Domenico has developed a very helpful series of graphical artifacts, attached to this message, which I hope everybody will check out as soon as they can.  It contains, in order:

- A graphical introduction to the personal loan scenario
- A wireframe template
- A proposed UMA logo (!)
- A wireframe walk-through of a potential personal loan UX
- A diagram with thoughts on the trust model applying to the scenario

I think we can use this material in several ways, including fleshing out our scenarios and use cases document (informing our protocol design thereby) and preparing webinar materials.  The questions I have for you all immediately include:

1. Domenico is willing to contribute the logo to Kantara for ongoing management -- if the group likes the logo and wants to use it.  So what do you think??  Any comments?

2. The wireframes tackle quite a few thorny UX issues, not necessarily solving them all but providing thoughtful partial solutions.  What are your comments on these matters, and any protocol impact they may have?  Do you have UX improvements to suggest?

Many thanks to Domenico for preparing this material!  (I told him he's in danger of being made the official Graphics/UX Editor of the UMA group... :-)


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