[WG-UMA] Scenario comments please: introduction

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Sat Jan 9 16:11:45 EST 2010

In the next six messages, I'll provide links to, and the content of, all the "pending" scenarios we have in the document so far.  (If you don't see your scenarios represented yet, by all means, please submit more!  If you're unsure how, contact me for assistance, or even just email raw text to me.)

For reference, the master document with all the scenarios is here:


On the last call, attendees each promised to spend a single hour reading, reviewing, and commenting on these scenarios before the next call.  If we can do this every week in January, I feel confident we'll have a really strong Scenarios and Use Cases document guiding our spec design decisions.

(To spare you boredom, I'll provide the once-again-edited e-commerce scenario last. :-)



Eve Maler
eve at xmlgrrl.com

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