[WG-UMA] New resource registration draft

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Fri Dec 3 11:32:43 EST 2010

It's in my github area and I'm hoping Christian can post the HTML in his clprojects area soon.  In the meantime, I wanted to get it out there fast for people to review, so it's attached.

This draft tries to capture all the comments and issues we came up with yesterday and over the previous several weeks, but I realized there's one thing we didn't discuss directly: Whether we need to build in the redirect cycle between the host and the AM so that the user can immediately go and attach authorization constraints to some newly protected resource.  I believe this is the only conceptual piece of Maciej/Lukasz's latest draft that doesn't appear here at all.  Thoughts?

(If you think this draft *isn't* ready to be considered our current draft-of-record covering this area, let me know; I want to revise the spec diagram on the Working Drafts page ASAP so that people can start looking at the specs as more of a whole.  Thanks.)


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