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Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Mon Sep 28 11:47:35 PDT 2009

Been thinking about this one, and I'd say that it's possible to  
compare UMA only to specific sets of protocols/technologies, not to  
general concepts.  Since we're planning for UMA to help manage access  
to the contents of a personal datastore (whether that's an on-board  
Host or a Host that lives elsewhere from the AM), I'd need to know all  
the components of the RDBMS-based solution in order to do a  
comparison.  And in fact, the storage medium is the least interesting  
part since it's "invisible" from a protocol perspective.

As an example, the Mine! offers a personal datastore solution (though  
I believe its originators don't like to use this term), and I know how  
to compare UMA usefully to the Mine! approach, which enabled me to put  
it in the matrix.  But both a Mine! implementation and an UMA  
implementation could presumably use RDBMS storage (vs. LDAP or  
whatever), and it wouldn't impact the comparison.

Does this help?  (Obviously I'm still working my way through list  


On 23 Sep 2009, at 12:45 PM, Iain Henderson wrote:

> Looks good Eve, how about adding the relationship between UMA and a  
> personal data store (e.g. one based on RDBMS)?
> Iain
> On 23 Sep 2009, at 14:52, Eve Maler wrote:
>> At last week's meeting in Las Vegas, it was suggested that I take  
>> the compare/contrast matrix buried in my ProtectServe slide deck  
>> and turn it into more of a "living" wiki resource.  I've now  
>> completed that action:
>> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/uma/Technology+Matrix
>> Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving this page.
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