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Hmmm. My email from gmail address is not getting through. Let me try 
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Adding bootstrapping row is a good idea.
Also, security characteristic and its relationship to a relevant legal
framework (though not strictly technical) would be nice to have.

In addition, having the rows explained will be beneficial, at least to
me. I am not quite sure of some of the definition of the rows.

BTW, re: CX, are we talking about an abstract CX or OpenID binding?
Notion of CX is pretty abstract. It is an online contracting
framework. Subsequent action can be anything as long as it is written
in the contract. (It could be a physical delivery of something, for
example, like magazine subscription, or service like hotel room.)

If we were talking about CX+AX, I guess (since I do not fully
understand the definition of the row) the following would be supported
in addition:

login-time attribute transfer
back-channel controlled access
on-board storage of user data
co-ownership of write access: pseudo

Also, I was not sure of the meaning of "binding of ID(s) to data shared".
If id_select is a late binding mechanism, then CX can also be
considered late binding ...
As it is a contract, it cannot be later than the time of enacting the
contract though.

If the definition of the rows can be clearer, I could shed more light on 

One last note: there can be CX+OAuth etc. as well.


Peter Davis wrote:
> Good stuff eve.  a couple of comments:
> + technically, link contracts are part of XDI, so i suggest altering 
> the column header to read XRI/XDI
> + i believe (drummond can correct me here) that XRI/XDI also carries 
> the capability of user-imposed policy
> + maybe a row for bootstrapping (discovery) mechanisms might reveal a 
> pattern :-P
> =peterd
> On Sep 23, 2009, at 9:52 AM, Eve Maler wrote:
>> At last week's meeting in Las Vegas, it was suggested that I take the 
>> compare/contrast matrix buried in my ProtectServe slide deck and turn 
>> it into more of a "living" wiki resource.  I've now completed that 
>> action:
>> http://kantarainitiative.org/confluence/display/uma/Technology+Matrix
>> Let me know if you have any suggestions for improving this page.
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