[Wg-uma] Join P3-wg's response to US Government ICAM

j stollman stollman.j at gmail.com
Wed Sep 9 07:03:16 PDT 2009

We are seeking your support in feedback that the Privacy and Public Policy
work group (P3wg) has developed in response to the presentation of the US
Government's Identity, Credential, and Access Management committee (ICAM)
last month.

The P3wg will shortly be voting on accepting the attached letter as a
work-group *Report*.  If passed, this *Report* will be issued by P3wg
without the logo and backing of the broader Kantara organization in order to
provide our reply in a timely fashion before the government train leaves the
station.  We will also be voting on submitting this letter to the full
membership of Kantara for approval and later re-submission as a *
Recommendation* with the full weight and support of Kantara.  This process
takes at least 60 days.

Because the issues we raise are likely to overlap with work done by your
Kantara work group, P3wg desires to provide a copy of the *Report* document
for your review.  If your group supports this letter (by vote) before we
submit it to ICAM, we would be pleased to add your group to the list of
signatories to the letter.

If your work group supports the current *Report* text, please have your
chairman send me an email confirming that a formal vote of the group
supports the letter and  that your group desires to be added as a
signatory.  In the interest of time, we will not be making changes to the
text (other than adding the date and the name of the addressee).

Separately, however, if you do have comments on the text, please submit them
to me for consideration should we determine to go forward with pursuing a
formal *Recommendation* from Kantara.

Thank you.

Jeff Stollman
Acting Vice-Chairman
Privacy and Public Policy working group

Jeff Stollman
stollman.j at gmail.com
1 202.683.8699
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