[Wg-uma] #scenario roundup as of today

Eve Maler eve at xmlgrrl.com
Tue Sep 8 11:06:53 PDT 2009

I think we've got the following scenarios, and ideas for scenarios, in  
play.  Can folks let me know if this is accurate?  And if you have any  
interest in championing these or others?  I'll probably keep a running  
tally on the wiki with links, just to keep things straight.  Thanks!

Scenarios in wiki document:
- Calendar: tentatively approved; need to officially vote on it
- Location: discussed but needs more
- E-commerce: new; needs to be discussed
- Distributed social networks: revised; needs to be discussed more

Scenario ideas found in email -- these need champions:
- Aug 13:
   . AM audits access without needing to authorize it
   . Managing ACLs for service authz through integration with PoCo or  
a similar contact service
   . Showing "eager" AM contact with a Consumer to invoke some  
provision of a data-sharing condition (vs. the next one:)
   . Showing need for infrequent (vs. every-time) requests by an SP  
for AM to grant access
   . A user selling access to data
- Aug 20:
   . Authorizing access to a set of multiple resources hosted on  
distributed SPs
- Aug 26:
   . Employer/employee (champion: Eve)
   . Small business/virtual assistant (Eve is trying to find a champion)
- Sep 1:
   . VO (champion: Diego; has a very rough draft right in the email)
   . On-demand computing (champion: Diego)
- Sep 2:
   . Emergency room (does Jeff want to champion this one?)

Other scenario ideas floating around:
- Car-buying (champion: Iain)


Eve Maler
eve at xmlgrrl.com

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