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This is definitely a legitimate scenario, and in fact some of the  
folks working on electronic healthcare issues at Kantara had  
encouraged me strongly to include various related orgs as potential  
liaisons for exactly this reason. I have been hoping to get the folks  
working on ProjectHData.org (especially Gerry Beuchelt) actively  
involved here because they are focusing on *lightweight* solutions to  
accelerate progress in the EHR area, so I will point him to your  


On 2 Sep 2009, at 12:48 PM, j stollman wrote:

> All,
> I would like to suggest a complex scenario for consideration.  The  
> scenario involves going to the Emergency Room (ER) in a far-away  
> city that does not have access to any of your medical information.   
> Your symptoms are sufficiently vague that the attending physician  
> desires to see some of your medical records in order to make a  
> better diagnosis (and/or to save time and cost of new tests).  You  
> contact your medical records information provider (which may or may  
> not be your family doctor, HMO, or other health network) to  
> authorize the encrypted transmission of specific records to a  
> specific doctor, clinic or hospital.
> This complex scenario involves multiple parties and various  
> regulatory issues (e.g., HIPAA).  It is likely to flush out  
> authorization and privacy issues that do not arise in some of the  
> simpler scenarios that we are currently discussing.
> Thank you.
> Jeff
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