[Wg-uma] Prototype implementation of my protocol experiments

Christian Scholz cs at comlounge.net
Mon Sep 7 12:47:39 PDT 2009


This weekend I had some time to play around and I did some rough 
implementation of the protocol I talked earlier about and sketched here:


The implementation scribbles are here:


(what's implemented is "The AM flow to retrieve the access token").

Mainly what I did was to use the AM as a proxy which retrieves an access 
token from the Host on behalf od the Requester (and in turn on behalf of 
the User).
It's not what ProtectServe does and the main idea was to try out some 
ideas and have some starting point for experimentation.
Not implemented is any user interaction which means that all 
introduction parts are omitted by manually sharing tokens between those 
three services.

You can find the code here:


The relevant packages are


(but probably that doesn't help to get it run, I will write docs on how 
to install it soon)

The relevant source code is:


It starts with the Requester in the view "call_service_via_am"  which 
calls the AM which  calls the Host (all via OAuth). Then a new access 
token is generated on the Host side and delivered back over these 
parties. Afterwards the Requester uses this token to actually call the 
Host Service API.

You can also browse the source code here: 

 From an implementor's perspective I can at least say that it was easy 
to implement. I don't know though if it will fulfill all requirements as 
we haven't formalized all of them yet.



PS: There is no real reason to have a demo up and running as for the 
user it only prints out "OK", I maybe should add some log statements 
though to demonstrate what it's actually doing.

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